Our Approach is Unique. Our Focus is Unquestioned.

We strategically invest in sectors in which we can add value and significant exposure as a strategic partner. We leverage our collective experience and vast consumer and commercial network to provide expertise and marketing exposure to our portfolio companies. We have deep experience in strategy, finance, fund raising, product, UX / UI, sales, scaling, marketing, social media and exits. We also know a thing or two about grinding it out.

Our typical areas of interest:

Sports Tech

  • Content & Media
  • Fantasy Sports
  • eSports
  • Commerce & Licensing
  • Venue, Event & Fan Management
  • Training, Team & Data Management


  • Industrial and commercial applications


  • Payments
  • Commerce


  • Machine learning
  • Robotic processing automation
  • Augmented reality


  • 3D printing
  • Robotics
  • Synthetic biology
  • Space technology and exploration

Featured investments

EarBuds is a social, shared-listening app designed to bring people together over something they love: music.